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Tomorrow I am going on a strike against the provincial government. Why? Because they want to raise the price of tuition fees. 
Quebec is known for having good quality of education for a cheap price.
We do not pay 30 000$ a semester but rather 5000$ or less. Having higher education at a reasonable price lets people from lower income families get that higher education they need to find a good job in the future. If we let our government raise the prices, we let them take out the privelege we had had for years of a higher education accessible to the public. If the prices are raised this means that University is going to become a luxury only available to people of higher social classes. 

As for me, I am participating in this massive student strike because for one thing my family is not rich, and for second I don’t want my parent’s struggles to go to waste because of the money they might have raised may not be enough for mine or my sister’s university education. I am aware government gives loans to students, but seriously who wants to get out of university with a bunch of debt? Unless there is no other choice, I really want to get through university without any debt whatsoever.

And this was my rant of the day :)


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